Multiple Polymedia projects are nominated for the InAVation Awards 2020

Four Polymedia projects were nominated for the InAVation Awards 2020. The award highlights outstanding examples of audiovisual systems integration solutions for customers in various segments. Polymedia projects have been shortlisted as finalists in four categories: control room, education, corporate, government. The project of ART Polymedia, a rental and staging company, was nominated for the award in the category Live events. More details below.

Control Room: Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty, Kazakhstan

Polymedia Kazakhstan implemented an audiovisual equipment complex for the Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty. The solution includes interactive multimedia systems for the situation hall and for the hall of the integrated on-duty dispatch division.

The system supports meetings of the leadership and the on-duty dispatch division. It also enables the display of operational information on the videowall to facilitate executive decision-making. The works were conducted on a turn-key basis, including the renovation, installation of lighting systems, manufacturing of furniture, drapes, floors, accessories.

The integrated solution helps the Department to introduce emergency response measures, coordinate the work of on-duty dispatch teams, and optimize the efficiency and reaction time of the employees to operational decisions.

The implemented solution proved itself as an effective tool for the evaluation of emergency situations, which helps to assess potential catastrophes ahead of time and apply preventive measures to protect the population.

Corporate: Entrance Group for the Main Building of Sberbank in Moscow, Russia

Polymedia team has designed and implemented a content display system and a system of mobile and stationary sound equipment for the entrance zone of the headquarters of Sberbank.

Unique content display system components are installed in three zones:

  • Reception. The zone features three LED screens with a 2.5mm pixel pitch united into a single solution by the common shared content. One semi-cylindrical screen wraps the central column of the zone. Two other screens are flat and located on the sides of the column.
  • The balcony that is covered with an LED foil (a transparent LED screen with the area of 22,16 m2) installed on a glass balcony wall.
  • Entrance zone featuring an LED screen with an anti-glare surface.

The content display system is a multi-zone solution based on various information display systems, united by a single switching system and a subsystem that helps to create, prepare and broadcast the content.

The sound systems are installed in six zones. Overall, within the scope of the project, the team installed 56 acoustic systems in the building, among which are: reception, Sberbank's corporate store, balcony, waiting area for visitors, a mini café, and the entrance. The system includes a multizone sound solution for the entrance group and a mobile solution for off-site events.

Education: Engineering and Technology School #777, Russia

Polymedia created an innovative educational environment in the engineering and technology school #777 in Saint Petersburg. The new school features a series of nontypical, even for the most modern schools, multimedia solutions.

The following functional spaces were equipped with audiovisual and multimedia systems:

  • An astronomy classroom that features a nontypical installation of the school planetarium including a dome of non-standard construction and a blended image from multiple projectors;
  • A biology classroom with unique technology for the demonstration of study materials in the form of holographic models;
  • Five mathematics classrooms, each with a large-scale interactive space for the collaborative work of students;
  • Recreation areas including entrance groups for senior and primary students and a lobby with several multi-screen digital signage installations and a navigation system;
  • Assembly hall for 450 people with an immersive AV installation including sound system, stage lighting, a system of LED screens and a panoramic projection system;
  • An in-house video production studio, a multimedia library.

All the implemented solutions are deeply integrated in the education process and complement the overall non-standard design of various rooms and zones of the school.

Government: The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Polymedia implemented a set of audiovisual solutions that support the meetings of the Government and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan in two assembly halls. The modernization of the halls included installation of interactive sensor monitors for delegates, upgrade and modernization of congress, sound and switching systems, interactive lecterns and an information system that supports paper-free meetings and voting process.

The solution helped to increase the efficiency of work, facilitate the display of information and communications, automate meeting and voting processes. A key element of the project was the adjustment of meeting business processes, specifically, elimination of duplicating functions, removal of redundant approval stages, fault tolerance increase. This was achieved via the modification and further development of the functionality of the system in the data access area.

Within the scope of the project, the team also arranged a large shipment and installation of custom Element One Fold interactive displays, manufactured specifically for the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Live events: ART Polymedia project - Presentation of the TNT TV Channel New Season, Russia

The project of ART Polymedia, a rental and staging company, was nominated for an award in the category Live events.

On October 25th, 2018, ART Polymedia designed and implemented an installation for the new season kickoff at the TNT TV Channel. This large event was attended by over 1,500 people. Famous actors and TV channel representatives were among the guests, as well as advertisement industry moguls.

To prepare space for the event, ART Polymedia team conducted installation works nearly 24 hours a day for 2 days. The completed solution included a total of six zones - the main hall of the theatre and the lobby, to engage the audience and drive attention to the planned activities.

The main hall stage featured a huge curved LED screen with the size of 31 x 8 meters and a resolution of over 6K. The system is controlled via Spyder X80 processor and a powerful media server.