Polymedia equipped Geological Museum at NUST MISIS with cutting-edge interactive equipment

Polymedia equipped Geological Museum named after V.V. Ershov at the National University of Science and Technology MISIS with interactive equipment and expanded the capabilities of visitors in studying the exposition. MISIS is one of the most dynamically developing scientific and educational centers in Russia focuses on integrating science, education and innovations, as well as establishing a creative environment for unlocking the potential of every student.

Thanks to Polymedia solutions, joint work with the museum staff and architects, the Hall of the Geological Museum has become an interactive zone with displays on the walls and columns containing information about the minerals and details where they are mined.

Polyled LED screen 2.5x2m is placed on the wall near the main entrance, 28 light boxes decorate other walls. Six of them are intended to zonate the hall and contain maps of the Russian regions corresponding to the exhibits displayed in the closest showcase stand. The remaining 22 light boxes display photos of different minerals and mining objects. On the Polyled screen information can be displayed in both automatic and presentation modes. Light control in the room, multimedia complex and interactive displays management is done remotely from iPad (using Smart Home principal).

Interactive displays contain unique content on 6 topics and corresponds to the museum zone they are located: "Asian part of Russia", "Gems and jewelry stones", "European Russia and the Urals", "Science and Life", "Mining. Industrial heritage and Mining. Cultural heritage". All content was provided by the museum staff and transformed into an interactive format with the help of Addreality team.