Polymedia presents global AV systems integration best practices at the BICSI EMEA Region 3rd Annual ACE Summit

Polymedia presents global best practices for AV systems integration solutions at the BICSI Ace Summit on the 8th of October 2019. For over two decades the company has been working as an integral part of and in close partnership with the ICT community to deliver the next generation of high-tech innovative offices, universities, schools and other facilities.

"BICSI association sets standards for large construction projects. Audiovisual integration and information visualization industry is deeply interlinked with the ICT infrastructure sphere and at the same time generates its own additional standards. At the BICSI summit we think it is important to share with the conference attendees the specifics and best practices for designing AV projects, ergonomics guidelines, and other aspects of AV systems integration," said Elena Novikova, President of Polymedia.

In the expanding UAE market, centralized monitoring of operations, support of decision-making and convenient communications are increasingly important for organizations, from construction companies to public services and safety entities. As the number of construction projects continues to grow, operating centers that help manage site conditions, renovations and other aspects could help facilitate modernization initiatives.

Polymedia has been designing and implementing audiovisual systems integration solutions for over 21 years. Over this period the team has worked out a set of best practices and standards for ergonomic command and control centers and operating rooms that support decision-making, visualize information and allow operators to work comfortably for prolonged periods of time. Applying in-depth knowledge of audiovisual systems and their parameters, expert understanding of market trends and ergonomics principles, Polymedia designs convenient and innovative work environment for leaders of the companies, government entities and other organizations.

About Polymedia

Polymedia is a multinational audiovisual systems integrator with over 21 years of expertise and an in-house R&D center. The company develops award-winning, unique, ergonomic and reliable solutions that address clients' business needs and help users achieve their goals.