Industry outlook by Mrs. Elena Novikova at Control Rooms Summit, Colombia

Mrs. Elena Novikova, owner of Polymedia and Visiology companies, gave an overview of the trends in the control room space at Control Rooms Summit that was co-located with TecnoMultimedia InfoComm show and took place on the 15th and 16th of November 2017.

Kicking off the second day of the Control Rooms Summit, Mrs. Novikova shared her outlook on the industry trends and gave a detailed overview of the key components and milestones in design and implementation of command and control centers, as well as described methodologies for calculation of an ergonomic work space and an optimal viewpoint developed by Polymedia team over the years. She also highlighted the importance of convenient interaction of the control room staff with each other and with computer-generated data, referring to the concept as "Ergonomics of Communications".

Among industry trends Mrs. Novikova pointed out application of new display technologies such as OLED, high-resolution LED, transparent and flexible displays in command centers. She mentioned that interactive devices would be used more commonly in control room installations and that complex control room systems may soon be managed via intelligent voice, gesture and eyesight controlled mechanisms, while augmented reality would help enhance presentation of information. Finally, network collaborative technologies would power teamwork across remote groups, she said, and increasing usage of personal devices would help create a virtual workspace in any location, collect and transmit data.


About Control Rooms Summit

Organized by Latin Press Inc., the Control Rooms Summit gathers executives and professionals specializing in design, development and management of intelligence centers.

About TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Colombia

TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Colombia is a trade show specialized in AV solutions and system integration projects. It is one of three regional exhibitions put together by TecnoMultimedia InfoComm Latin America, with two others taking place in Mexico and Brazil.