Polymedia celebrates 22! Online

COVID-19 can't stop Polymedia teams from partaking in our favorite summer event: the annual birthday celebration! This year Polymedia turns 22 and we gathered online for a day of informative sessions and a good dose of creative interactive fun.

The day started with the presentation of Elena Novikova, President of Polymedia, during which she gave an overview of the company's achievements and future perspectives. Despite the challenging situation, created by the global pandemic for economies and businesses all over the world, Polymedia seeks new opportunities, projects and business directions in this time.

In 22 years we've successfully overcome not one crisis, developed markets, implemented amazing projects. We've created our own products and designed thousands of project solutions. Most importantly, we've built the most amazing team, and no matter the circumstances we are together.

The official presentation slowly moved to the interactive zoom-radio Polymedia, where colleagues shared their congratulatory messages, celebratory videos prepared in advance and participated in a lively chat discussion with the entire company.

We hope the year 23 of our life will treat us well and bring new interesting projects, opportunities for growth and development and more fun days like today!

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