Polymedia wins the best project at Visiology Awards

Part of the annual "ViRush: dawn of the data-driven governance era" BI conference, this year's Visiology Awards ceremony honored the most exciting BI projects. Polymedia was awarded for the Medical information-analytical center in Krasnoyarsk region in "The Best Project" category.

Other award-winning projects were:

  • Situation Center of the Ulyanovsk Region – information-analytical system of the Governor's SC
  • Situation Center of the Orenburg Region - automation of report collection for municipalities categorization
  • ALROSA Information Technologies - large-scale implementation of corporate BI in a group of companies
  • Rosseti Tsifra - automation of report collection in a holding structure

The goal of the Visiology Awards is to form a unified knowledge base and consolidate expertise in the field of IT and digital transformation. The award is presented to the best projects implementing the Visiology BI platform.

The projects were judged on the following categories: innovativeness, scalability, replicability, efficiency and significance for the industry.

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